Interior Painting and What You Need to Know

The Art of Home Interior Painting

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You wish to paint your house but you are unsure of who to call and what you should plan to pay, or exactly what to expect with a painting professional. A good place to start would be to first do your research and discover what you should be considering when you go forward with interior painting as your remodeling project.

To begin with, you need to realize that painting your home is not a easy task to be completed by just any contractor. Painting your home can be divided into separate projects, exterior and interior painting, which are 2 extremely different procedures entirely and you will want to find a specialist with the skills to address your project. As their names would indicate, painting the interior will involve painting the surfaces inside your house while exterior painting all the outside areas of your house.

For this post, we will concern ourselves with interior painting, much more complex than painting the outside.

The First Step in Interior Painting

First, your contracting team will eliminate all furniture at risk in the room to be painted to ensure they will be in no danger of unintentional paint splatters. At the least, all pieces need to be covered by heavy plastic and secured against slippage. Your contractor should discuss what brands of interior paint he intends to use for your paint job, and present a color palette for your consideration. Some customers like to utilize different color palettes for every space, while others want to have a common color theme throughout, having compatible shades in both the interiors and exteriors of the home.

It would be helpful to have access to paint software developed to assist you in envisioning your home before definitively picking a paint color. Your next consideration will be exactly what type of finish to pick for your interiors - you can choose between gloss, semi gloss, eggshell, and flat paint styles. The guideline is that the greater the shine of the completed area, the more resilient it in fact is under routine wear and tear.

You will also have a glossy paint finish with a satin finish, which is an excellent kind of paint to use if your professional is inexperienced, or if you are painting kids' rooms or trim which might require a more washable surface area for crayon or pencil scribbles. Gloss paint is likewise used when painting furniture, because of the durability and modern appearance it offers to chairs and tables. Semi gloss and high gloss paint finishes reflect more light than a glossy paint finish. Semi gloss is advisable for usage on bathroom and kitchen walls due to the exposure to moisture on a daily basis.

Eggshell does not have much of a shine to it since it absorbs light, similar to a matte finish. You can use it on interior walls that may need washability instead of flat paint which does not permit surface area dirt and substances to be washed off as easily. Flat paint is usually used to cover surface area flaws or application flaws (like when the painter utilizes the brush in the wrong direction from his prior applications.)

The space itself will actually define what style of finish will be appropriate in most situations. When the interiors are finally exactly how you want them, you can then begin the process of finding a professional to address painting the outside of your house.

Paint Matters

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When making a decision on the interior paint to be used in your home paint job, be cautious about basing your decision on price. The least expensive paint will end up costing you in other ways. You may find that it will take multiple applications to get to the color you were looking for.

Just what is it, and what’s important to know when we buy it? Is the $7 paint as good as the $35 paint? What about primer?

It’s all pretty mind boggling and often we settle on just buying what we think is the best deal, lowest in cost being our first consideration.  The challenge arises once that first coat dries and we discover the need for additional, often multiple, applications to effectively cover.

The secret lies in the basics of paint: what it is, what types there are, which type to use where and how to choose the right sheen. Your contractor should know what to choose, but an informed consumer makes informed decisions.

What is Paint?

Paint is a combination of four basic components: pigments, resins, solvents and additives. Pigment would be the color, where resin is the binder, or glue. Solvent is the component that makes it all liquid and actually evaporates as the paint dries, leaving behind the pigment. Logically, the more solvents in the paint, the less pigment will be left behind.  Additives are entered into some specialty products, providing specific performance enhancements, such as stain-blocking or mold-killing characteristics. 

Low-cost paints typically have a greater percentage of solvents per volume than the more expensive brands. Consequently, there can be up to 50% less pigment and resin in a gallon of cheap paint, hence the need for additional coats.

Using these less expensive paints, you are actually applying more solvent (water or mineral spirits), which is evaporating to leave whatever pigment behind; unfortunately with these paints the percentage is minimal. This is why you must re-coat and re-coat, often as many as 4 times, to achieve the desired results with low-quality paint.

Take your queue from the professionals: buy the best paint your budget can handle and avoid having to paint more than should be necessary. Search for quality, reputable brands, ensuring you examine the label for ingredient percentages. Paint containing around 45% pigment and resins per volume should meet your needs with fewer layers required for coverage.



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