Exterior Painting

How we paint the exterior of your home…

  1. Powerwash the existing surface to remove all debris.
  2. Replace wood siding, trim, and old caulk that has rotted due to weather elements.
  3. Apply 45 year caulk around all entry ways, windows and newly applied wood trim.
  4. Apply a tarp shield to protect your belongings, windows and brick of the home from paint overspray
  5.  Painter’s tape is applied to ensure straight clean lines.
  6. Use Sherwin Williams’ SuperPaint that comes with 25 year paint warranty. Flat, Satin or Gloss Finishes available.
  7. Remove all tape and coverings and discard any waste.
  8. Conduct walk through to ensure that you as the customer approve of our workmanship and are 100% satisfied.

Services We Covered

Exterior home painting

Refinishing of doors

Trim Painting

Minor Carpentry Repair

Exterior-Painting Project Photo Gallery

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