Interior Painting

How we paint the interior of your home…

  1.  Apply a tarp shield to seal off all rooms and protect your belongings and flooring. If needed, we will move your furniture and remove draperies.
  2. Conduct minor sheet rock repair, texture, spackle any holes and apply any necessary caulk.
  3. Painter’s tape is applied to all trim to ensure straight clean lines.
  4. We hand roll and brush the walls. We hand paint all doors and wood trim using top quality Sherwin Williams Paints.
  5. Remove all tape and coverings and discard any waste.
  6. Conduct walk through to ensure that you as the customer approve of our workmanship and are 100% satisfied.

Services We Covered

Interior Painting

Wallpaper Removal


Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Cabinet Painting

Sheet Rock Repair

Interior-Painting Project Photo Gallery

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