Should I Hire a Professional Contractor to Paint my Home's Exterior?

Repainting Your Residence: Hire a Professional Contractor or Do It Yourself?

When you initially have your residence painted, it enhances your home’s appearance wonderfully, yet in time, a mix of dampness, sunshine, as well as direct exposure to local weather could trigger peeling and other weather effects, ruining the look of your home exterior. While not particularly difficult for a homeowner to do themselves, it may take longer and be more physically demanding than you would expect, not to mention the mess inherent with any painting project. Alternatively, hiring a professional contractor eases the workload and offers a more attractive final product. Booking a professional to accomplish the task can be pricey, and finding the right contractor can be challenging at times, however, most find it’s a worthwhile investment. Before you make a decision to paint on your own or hire a professional, here are some points you should consider.

How Big is Your Project?

The precursor to every painting project, inside or out, is to prepare your surfaces. Painting the exterior of your home will mostly require removing any peeling paint and repairing any damaged areas. Not quite as easy as it may sound, paint scraping can be pretty demanding physically. Some areas requiring scraping may be difficult to reach or awkward in their placement, requiring some exertion on your part. An average sized house is doable for anyone who already works a job that’s rather labor intensive, but much larger than that and you’ll probably be better off hiring a professional crew.

Extra expenses

Beyond paint, there are many incidental tools and materials you will require that the average homeowner may not realize until in the middle of the project. When planning the cost of your endeavor, don’t forget to figure in the cost of brushes, ladders, sprayers, masking materials like drop cloths and tape, and various tools you’ll need to do it right. Their combined cost, when added to the paint, may well exceed what you would pay a professional to work with you to do it faster and more effectively. You might be able to save some money by renting a professional grade sprayer, however take into account the level of expertise it requires to use a sprayer effectively while perched on a ladder and how comfortable you are with that process. Pay a visit to your local home improvement store before you commit yourself so you can price out your materials, and examine a sprayer. Once you’ve estimated your total cost you can compare it with the cost of an experienced contractor to accurately weigh your options.


The main benefit of working with a professional painting contractor is their level of experience. They will quickly and efficiently mask off and/or cover any areas their experience tells them are at risk of over spray and prep the surfaces for new paint application. Often a homeowner is expecting to accomplish the job over a weekend, but it may take more of a time commitment, which a professional painter is more able to dedicate themselves to, assuring your home is painted without impacting your schedule.

A Professional Contractor May be Your Most Cost Effective Option

Before you make a firm decision on whether you want to paint the exterior of your home yourself or hire a professional to get the job done, carefully consider these points.



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